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Published on 14 August 2014
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G'Day Motarders.

If you are thinking about heading to one of our race events there is a few things you should be aware of. Please take time to look at the following info and make any changes to your bike that are required.

We know it sounds like a bit of a drag but the owners of the go-kart tracks kinda like them the way they are. We need to cover ourselves aganist damaging the track if the bike were to fall over, that is our main concern with why we ask for the sliders on the bikes.

The other things are to do with catching leaking oils and fluids from your bike, this is for your safety and the safety of others. Bikes don't like oil on the hoops and they are pretty hard to stop and turn when there is oil on the track, so please take the time to make sure your bike isn't leaking anything that it needs on the inside.

The rest of the gear is your riding gear, this keeps you safe if you fall off. If this is your first time at the track there is no need to panic, you probably won't fall off if you take things at your own pace. Ask one of the club guys to show you the way round or get some tips and riding advise from them, they are always willing to help out.

So, please take a time to go over the picture guide below, check your bike over and most of all, turn up and have FUN!

Click Picture to download PDF Copy

NSWSMR Race day prep

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