A stock motocross bike with some street tires at a EC ride night.

Eastern Creek ride nights, under floodlights

Eastern Creek ride nights

Eastern Creek Ride nights

A wet day at the Phillip Island go kart track. ASBK 2011

NSW's Darren Webb getting stuck in. QLD Rnd 2 Photo by Ashley NiklausĀ 

Steve Coppock, Proserpine QLD. May'12. Photo Ashley Niklaus

How to ride dirt on slicks. Photo Ashley Niklaus


Published on 13 April 2012 Hits: 4391

Hi Motarders, 

We decided about 2 years back while at the Aussie Titles in Northam that the sport was quickly dying off since we lost the promoter of all those slick motard events around the country. If you were ever at one, you probably miss them now. 

Best way we could think of making things happen was to form a club and try to get things off the ground in NSW. 

So the main aim was to get enough passionate people together and try to work out how to get riding at tracks and eventually set up some race meetings. As you have probably worked out, racing is our priority, but we have recognised there are plenty of people out there who don't want to race but love motards and we need to work on that side of things together. 

Race meetings don't happen for free and SM racing has been somewhat tarnished in the past, so we have to make sure we can pay the bills. No need to go into details there, but we are not going to fall into the same trap. 

We have roughly 30 members at the moment, but need to build on this and try to become financial enough to get this firing. 

Here are some of our goals:
Creat a cohesive team of like minded people who can guide our own future and activities.
Open up to all motard riders including road tarders to provide the things we all want from our pastime.
Get together every 2 months to discuss our goals and progress. Create a social network so we can all share the enjoyment of our chosen sport (no, not on line).
Get in a position with MNSW where we can run regular practice days/ nights and earn some revenue. (Who misses the nights at the creek?). We attend the MNSW delegates meetings to lobby them every 2 months.
Get in a position with track owners where we can run club events utilising tar and dirt.
Get in a position where we have support from our own officials and helpers to run those events.
Find some sponsorship to run the big events if possible.
Promote the sport or find a promoter to take us further.
Work in conjunction with clubs in other states to eventually ressurect the Aussie titles.
Organise some road rides for our road tarder friends to share all the favourite routes.
Come up with more fund raising ideas such as the raffle we are currently running.

Look, there's heaps more things we can do if we get fired up, but it will only happen if we talk less and do more. The biggest drama for all of us, me included, is we all have other committments, but you have to bite the bullet and find time to do this stuff the reward will be there. You only live once.

What can you do?
Come to our meeting in a couple of weeks and meet us all (venue and time to be finalised soon).
Become a member and get involved in guiding our direction.
Let people know what's happening with the sport and maybe bring others on board.
Buy raffle tickets or sell some for us (contact me).
Ask questions, make suggestions (sensible ones).

Let's get it crankin' 


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